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Investigating Shark Cage Diving

My blog for The Guardian online, following the decision to ban cage diving in New Zealand :

Manta Rays and Mirrors…

Here I discuss research conducted by Dr Csilla Ari and Dr Dominic D’Agostino on the Giant Manta Ray. Their study provides evidence for behavioural responses in Manta’s that are known to be prerequisites for self awareness in other species. Given that Manta Ray fisheries exist globally, where does that leave us ethically?  

Life After Death: How we hatched live shark pups from dead females

Here I report on a conservation project by Sharklab-Malta that i became involved with; removing eggcases from trawl captured sharks, hatching them out and releasing them back into the wild.

Glow in the dark shark!

In my tenth shark piece for the Guardian I report on a recently discovered deep sea shark that glows in the dark… Light emitted by a new species of lanternshark, Etmopterus lailae, is camouflage and helps them to hunt, communicate and find partners. But how does it work?

In a Battle of the Predators who wins?

This Guardian piece covers the fascinating predations of Orca’s on Great White Sharks in South Africa… It is difficult to imagine the great white shark as prey, yet could the Orca be overpowering them? Strange findings in S. Africa point to this possibility.

Giving Fiji’s Shark God a Helping Hand

In this Guardian blog I take a closer look at the Marine Protected Areas in Fiji, specifically the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in the Beqa Channel. Legend has it that Dakuwaqa, the ancient shark god, provides protection for the people when at sea. It’s time to return the favour.

The Cull Controversy

In my sixth Guardian blog I examine the issues around the call for culls of sharks following the tragic death of a boarder in the waters off Reunion Island earlier this year. Culls aren’t the way to balance the needs of sharks and surfers

Taking the Plunge with Predators

In my latest Guardian blog I report on diving with sharks which are well known for their bold, unhesitant approach.  Sun, sand and apex predators: taking the plunge with oceanic whitetip sharks

When the Research is Wrong

A public campaign to cull ‘invasive’ cownose rays was hugely successful. But re-examining the data revealed a horrible truth: the rays weren’t the problem. Read more in my fifth Guardian blog here: What happens when the research underpinning conservation is wrong?

Guardian Blogs

At the start of 2016 I began writing online blogs for The Guardian. My thanks goes out to the science editor for allowing me access to this platform which has enabled me to reach a wide audience and to report on various aspects of shark science. I will post the links to the blogs on […]