The Sharkiologist

Definition… Sharkiologist: n.

Holding on to the dorsal fin of a Blacktip Shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) before I.D. tagging. South Bimini, Bahamas. (Photo credit: Charlotte Cook)“a person whose career is dedicated to the study, protection and promotion of sharks.”




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Taking the Plunge with Predators

In my latest Guardian blog I report on diving with sharks which are well known for their bold, unhesitant approach. 

The Cull Controversy

In my sixth Guardian blog I examine the issues around the call for culls of sharks following the tragic death of a boarder in...

When the Research is Wrong

A public campaign to cull ‘invasive’ cownose rays was hugely successful. But re-examining the data revealed a horrible truth: the rays weren’t the problem....