Diving and Dive Training

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All diving costs will directly support marine conservation efforts by Saltwater Life, including local education initiatives whereby both shark and marine conservation in general will be brought to schools and community groups, as well as helping to support global scientific elasmobranch research projects.

Why Dive? The Oceans cover around 70% of the earth and are home to an estimated 1 million species! Diving provides us with a unique insight into this liquid realm and enables us to explore the creatures and their environment that exist beneath the surface.


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Saltwater life is owned and operated by Lauren Smith a marine biologist who specialises in shark research. Lauren learnt to dive in the UK when she was 18; she has since logged dives in countries throughout the world including Thailand, Australia, Hawaii, Philippines, Palau, Maldives, Malta and the Azores. As a marine biologist Lauren values diving as a way to further her understanding of aquatic life, but also sees it as a way of exploring things such as shipwrecks and caves while enjoying the peace and quiet that comes when you descend below the surface.




Courses Availablediving

Saltwater life is owned and operated by Dr Lauren Smith, she is a certified PADI open water speciality instructor. To find out what courses are currently available or if you have any other questions please email me.